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Always quality first

speed, agility and flexibility: everything you have always wanted.

Bags for all requirements

“Made to order” based on the specific client requirements. De-aeration systems that adapt to all requirements and all types of bagging machines.

The choice

Bags of 2, 3 or 4 layers of plain and laminated paper.
White or brown, from 60 to 100 g/m&sup2

Wide range

from 10 to 50 Kg.
Length from 35 cm to 70 cm, height from 55 to 140 cm.
Various types of palletting.

6 water-based colours

plus anti-slip treatment and 2 bottom colours.

Sacchitalia today

Today Sacchitalia, despite its image as a small company, is able to compete on the international market thanks to its best characteristics: a focus on quality, flexibility, adaptability and speed. In the Pescantina (VR) production installation, Sacchitalia s.r.l. today procedures around 20 million paper bags, every year.
The main clients of the company are animal food producers and seed companies, which use open mouth bags, and the mills that use mainly valve bags.
With its automated production line, Sacchitalia s.r.l., can produce paper bags made of 2, 3 or 4 layers of simple and laminated paper, white or brown, from 60 to 100 g/m&sup2 and printed with up to 6 colours as well as a slip-free treatment; 2- bottom colours.
Production has a wide variety of formats with weight varying from 10 to 50 kg to satisfy all demands found on the market.
Shapes vary from a minimum length of 35 cm to maximum 70 cm, from minimum height of 55 cm to maximum height of 130 cm, and a base from minimum 10 cm to maximum 22 cm.
Thanks to modern palleting systems the company can offer different types of palleting, satisfying all the needs of their clients.

The production line is formed of







Over 50 years of service

The company was born at the beginning of the 1960s to market bags and boxes.
In 1970 Giannereo Benedetti constituted the company “Sacchettificio di Pescantina”.
From its first days as a craft company with a manual production, the company quickly grew to an industrial production, acquiring modern machines for making paper bags.
In 1999 “Sacchettificio di Pescantina s.n.c.”, a family-run traditional craft company, became “Sacchitalia s.r.l.”, an industrial company, but without losing its direct contact with its clientele, a company’s only true resource.
The modernization process continued over time with the acquisition of always state- of- the- art machines.